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07 July 2018
Ingress First Saturday Gent

08 July 2018
Mission Day Plus Gent
NL-1331 Research Project

Welcome to our Community Website
for Mission Day+ Gent happening

Mission Day Plus brings together Agents from both factions to explore cities around the world through the lens of Ingress.

Agents, together we will discover Ghent on Sunday, July 8th 2018. We will provide you with 12 high quality missions, of which you have to complete at least 6 to step your badge counter.

Ethan and Nadia will be there with the NL-1331 Mobile Research Lab and are looking forward to meet you.


Time Place
SATURDAY 07 July 2018
12:00 - 17:00
#IngressFS Gent
Belfort Stadscafe
20:00 - 00:00
MD Countdown
Vooruit Cafe
SUNDAY 08 July 2018
11:00 - 12:00 Meet & Greet
De Krook
11:30 Group Picture
De Krook
13:00 - 17:00 Mission Day Check-In
Registration of completed missions
Vooruit Cafe
17:00 - 19:00 NL-1331 Check-In
Registration of NL-1331 visit
Vooruit Cafe
17:30 NL-1331 Meeting
Ethan and Nadia address the Agents
Vooruit Cafe
Continuously Xplore Ghent
together through missions
MD Mission Map



You need both NIA MD+ and QR registration for the MD badge.
You need NIA NL-1331 registration for the NL badge.


Niantic Registration

This registration is required for MD+ - no badge without it!

This registration is required for NL-1331 - no badge without it!

QR Registration

Please register here to receive the QR code for your on-site check-in.

QR Registration


Our email address:



Sophie alias @Kludster


Kevin alias @Kevbbs

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We want to thank:

Taverne Toetswiet and 't Gouden Mandeke for their financial contribution.

The city of Ghent for their kind support.

Niantic Labs for organising this Ingress event.